Kuwait Plans Compulsory Military Conscription

Kuwait Times23.08.2011 Kuwait
Kuwait to Plans Compulsory Military Conscription

Kuwait to Plans Compulsory Military Conscription

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The new law re-introducing compulsory military conscription in Kuwait will be enacted shortly. The Parliament had suspended it in 2001. However, a draft legislation to enforce it again was submitted to the Parliament recently.

According to its provisions, Kuwaiti men aged between 20 to 30 years will have to serve 6 months to one year in the Army. Students, only sons and members of the diplomatic community will be exempted from enlistment.

The aim of the soon-to-be-enforced law is to encourage Kuwaitis to help meet the Defense Ministry's requirements to defend the country against external aggression.

Some citizens have voiced out their disagreement, "The idea of being forced to serve in military even for a few months scares me. I feel I'm not very healthy, and I think I won't be able to complete the service. On the plus side, I think it would prove beneficial for those who want to join the Army. It’s good for the nation and will create national integration. Now I'm a student and this law may apply on me next year. I don't like the idea," said Mohammed, a 23- year- old student.

Others have had a bad experience serving in the Army, "If the new system and conditions of the compulsory military service were the same, then I'm 100% against it. It is a waste of time and money. I'm a technician, and I had to serve for two years as a guard at one of the gates, although it has nothing to do with my area of study. Even though there was a position of a technician open in the army, they asked me to guard the gate," complained 32-year- old Faisal.

The law should organize it in such a way that people can continue working in their chosen profession. For instance, they should not force a pilot to leave his job and make him work as a guard. If pilots are needed in the military, he could serve as one," he added.


Source: Kuwait Times


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