Gulf States Eyeing Joint Naval Force

16.10.2014 Kuwait
Gulf States Eyeing Joint Naval Force

Gulf States Eyeing Joint Naval Force

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The GCC countries are looking into measures to establish a joint Naval Force capable of defending the security of the Gulf region, said a Kuwaiti official in Doha on Wednesday.

Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sideline of the Qatar Maritime Security - Coastal and Border Surveillance Conference (QMARSEC), Advisor at the Ministry of Defense Major General Ahmad Al-Mulla (photo) said that the new strategy is aimed at formulating a Marine Corps carrying on the responsibility of protecting Gulf waters from threats, a concept similar to the GCC Peninsula Shield Force but for marine security purposes.

Al-Mullah hoped that the idea would come into fruitarian soon, adding that the purposed marine force will be coordinating with other international fleets to combat terrorism and illegal operations.

The joint GCC force will also handle the protection of commercial routes and the Gulf nation's economic interests, said the Kuwaiti official, indicating that QMARSEC, which began yesterday, focused on coordinating efforts between NATO, US and GCC marine fleets.

QMARSEC discusses the most prominent threats to maritime security, legal framework to confront them, combating software piracy, the role of information technology in supporting operations, trends and new solutions in the field of marine insurance, among other topics relating to academic, environmental and legal aspects.

Source: KUNA



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