Russia Keen to Boost Lebanon’s Army Defense Capabilities

The Daily Star28.04.2014 Lebanon
Russia Keen to Boost Lebanon’s Army Defense Capabilities

Russia Keen to Boost Lebanon’s Army Defense Capabilities

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Russia will work to boost the defense capacities of the Lebanese Army, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday, adding that his country respects the democratic process in Lebanon.

“Russia will enhance military cooperation with Lebanon, mainly by reinforcing the defense capabilities of the Lebanese Army and Security Forces,” Lavrov said during a joint news conference with his Lebanese counterpart Gebran Bassil in Moscow.

“We will present our contributions to the international community in the plan to reinforce the Lebanese Army and the state institutions,” he said, in reference to the work of the International Support Group for Lebanon.

Lavrov also said Russia would not interfere in the Lebanese Presidential election.

“The Presidential election is a Lebanese affair and Russia does not have any preferences concerning the Presidential election,” Lavrov said.

“We are looking forward to this election as this could unite the Lebanese society,” he added.

He said that “Lebanon is a complicated country and the Constitution should be respected by everyone,” adding that his country would coordinate with anyone elected as the new Head of State.

For his part, Bassil stressed that “Lebanon is an important country in terms of stability in the region, and Russia can play a key role in promoting this stability.” 

“The Lebanese Army and official institutions have adopted an anti-terrorism path, and this is where we ask for Russia's support,” Bassil added, noting that discussions with his Russian counterpart dwelled on the dossier of displaced Syrians in Lebanon and means to create the appropriate conditions for their return to Syria. 

He also said that Lebanon and Russia should cooperate regarding Lebanon’s oil resources and the Syrian refugee crisis. Lavrov proposed a “systematic solution” for the refugee issue rather than “temporary humanitarian assistance.”

Bassil, formerly Energy Minister, said Russia should take part in oil and gas exploration off Lebanon’s coast.

Bassil started a two-day official visit to Moscow last Wednesday and held talks with Russian officials on bilateral ties and Russia’s role in the region.

Source: The Daily Star; NNA



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