NSC to Develop Wargame Exercises for Qatar Armed Forces

28.05.2014 Qatar
NSC to Develop Wargame Exercises for Qatar Armed Forces

NSC to Develop Wargame Exercises for Qatar Armed Forces

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NSC, a leading UK-based provider of simulation and analysis-driven training solutions, has won a three-year contract to develop and deliver wargaming exercises for the Qatar Armed Forces.

Since its formation in 1991, the company has forged a reputation for developing and delivering innovative solutions for military and civilian customers around the globe.

From operational-level education for senior Commanders to individual and collective training for the most junior recruits, NSC’s software and training solutions are used worldwide.

Working with outsourcing firm Serco and in support of the UK-Qatar Defence Co-operation Agreement, NSC is to help train officers attending the new Qatar Joaan Bin Jassim Joint Command and Staff College in Doha.

NSC’s innovative computer-assisted decision-making exercises will expose students to the challenges of command in a safe and controlled environment and ensure those passing out of the college are able to operate effectively in national, international and coalition headquarters.

Among the hi-tech assets being deployed from NSC’s Joint Exercising Toolkit to hone the skills of Qatar’s future military leaders are the company’s Jocasts theatre-level wargame and iNET, a cutting-edge exercise portal providing students access to information appropriate to their role including situational awareness, through simulation feeds, instant messaging, email and discussion forums.

Designed to confront Commanders with the complexities of modern operations, these capabilities provide real-time challenges and have a proven international pedigree.

The other benefactors of NSC’s simulation and consultancy services include the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, NATO and training establishments from nations across the Middle East, Far East and Europe.

Jeremy Spurr, the managing director of NSC, said: “As a company we have a long history of building highly-successful, close and enduring working relationships with military staff colleges around the world and are looking forward to bringing that experience to bear at the Qatar Joaan Bin Jassim Joint Command and Staff College,” said Jeremy Spurr, Managing Director of NSC (photo).

“Partnering with Serco and Qatar Armed Forces’ directing staff, we are confident our expertise will reinforce the excellent teaching on offer and prepare those selected to attend the College for high-grade appointments in their on-going careers,” he added.

Modeled on the Joint Services Command and Staff College at the UK Defence Academy, the Doha facility had opened its doors to an inaugural intake of 40 Officers from the Qatari Emiri Navy, Army and Air Force last May. It will deliver courses in partnership with the Ministry of Defence and King’s College London.



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