Abu Dhabi to Host Joint Precision Fires Future Conference

08.09.2016 UAE
Abu Dhabi to Host Joint Precision Fires Future Conference

Abu Dhabi to Host Joint Precision Fires Future Conference

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The Defense Services Marketing Council announced the esteemed retired RADM Gary W. Rosholt (photo) will join the long list of eminent speakers participating in the inaugural Joint Precision Fires Future Conference (JPF2). JPF2 will be the largest joint precision fires conference in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States (GCC).

The November 2016 conference continues to attract industry attention, reflecting a strong desire from key stakeholders around the globe to discuss increased need for timely and accurate precision fires. Joining this already robust agenda, Rosholt will address delegates on precision strike supporting coalition forces.

Rosholt is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trident MET, LLC in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Rosholt achieved the rank of Rear Admiral during his 35+ year career as a Navy SEAL which includes two-star Flag officer assignments as the Senior Defense Official in the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commanding General for the Special Operations Command for the United States Central Command.

“We know precision fires will play a critical role in better, more secure futures around the globe. I anticipate this event will become an indispensable fixture for industry leaders to gather, share ideas and collaborate. I look forward to joining other thought-leaders at this important inaugural event,” said Rosholt

Mr. Matthew Cochran, Chairman and CEO of Defense Services Marketing Council (DSMC) said: “We couldn’t be more pleased to have a global expert of the caliber of retired Rear Admiral Rosholt throw his weight behind this conference. He is distinguished in the field of joint precision fires. Delegates will be eager to hear his unique perspective on the industry - now and into the future.”

The upcoming JPF2 conference, held in Abu Dhabi on 16 November 2016, will be the foremost regional event on the subject of Joint Precision Fires. This esteemed conference will include senior government and private sector officials from the region and around the world.

JPF2 is officially hosted by Tawazun Dynamics with Lockheed Martin as the headline sponsor for the event.

DSMC is a marketing incubator organization that accelerates the growth of international Defense, Space & Security industry-related companies.



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