Theissen Training Systems: “We Love the Soldier”

20.07.2011 Security
Theissen Training Systems: “We Love the Soldier”

Theissen Training Systems: “We Love the Soldier”

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The German company Theissen Training Systems (TTS) is one of the leading manufacturers of military live-fire target systems in Europe and in North America.

With manufacturing sites in Belgium and the US, TTS designs, develops, produces, and installs complete training range systems ranging from small arms ranges to extensive Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) ranges.

TTS is active in this specific field since 1934, delivering multifunctional and moving infantry targets, close-combat training solutions, MOUT (Military Operations in Urban terrain) systems providing intense and realistic life fire training, moving armour targets, stationary systems, precision marking and scoring systems, range control systems (with the Range Control Computer allowing user-friendly control of the range, and providing a detailed after action review), simulators, and accessories to the military customer. Seven different main modes of displaying infantry targets are being offered, all performed by just one world-patented mechanism, the Target Cube.

Shooting on moving (running) targets is described by TTS as a real challenge, providing enhanced situational training for the individual shooter. Especially moving target training for critical missions in urban areas and for close quarters battles (CQB) continues to build the unique awareness and reactionary self confidence that is necessary in today's changing life-fire environment.

Besides this, bi-directional and multifunctional systems are playing an increasingly important role which is due to the high demand for counter-terrorism training, including friend/foe discrimination.

For tank gunnery ranges, TTS supplies live fire targetry solutions that are being used to train gunners and tank crews on intelligent stationary and moving armour targets. TTS' Heavy Armour Lifter reliably operates in the training of powerful weapons systems and overmatches competitive tank target lifters with respect to lifting speed and lifting load. Today, TTS' military and civilian customers cover the whole of Europe, North America, and the Middle East, including deliveries of tank and infantry ranges to Austria, Turkey, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirate, and Mexico.


Source: Stefan Nitschke; Military Technology; Monch Publishing Group


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