Israel to Boost Defense Spending by 6% in 2012

Al Arabiya09.01.2012 Security
Israel to Boost Defense Spending by 6% in 2012

Israel to Boost Defense Spending by 6% in 2012

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Israel will boost defense spending by about 6 % ($780 million) this year in the face of deepening regional instability, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, after saying last year that he would cut military spending to finance social reforms.

Israel will spend an additional 3 billion shekels ($780 million) on defense this year. The 2012 budget had been projected at around 50 billion shekels ($13 billion), broadly unchanged from last year.

“We are going to add 3 million shekels to the defense budget,” Netanyahu told a news conference.

“Given the abundant challenges and threats surrounding us, it would be a mistake, a big mistake even, to cut the defense budget,” Netanyahu told reporters.

Israel faces a strategic map that has been radically redrawn in the past 12 months.

It looks likely to lose regional alliances with Turkey and Egypt and faces a possible entente between the 2 main Palestinian factions, an uprising in neighboring Syria and growing fears over Iran's nuclear program.

Netanyahu said some of the money would come from trimming other government departments but savings from within the military would also play a part.

Israel will sell assets such army bases, prime real estate in some cases. Netanyahu also promised a more efficient use of the budget, to which the United States contributes $3 billion every year.

In October, Netanyahu supported the recommendations of a report he commissioned, by respected economist Manuel Trajtenberg, which were intended to address rising frustrations about the cost of living and income disparity in the Jewish state that triggered mass protests last year.

One of Trajtenberg report’s proposals was to cut a defense budget by $2.5 billion. That sparked a political fight between Treasury Officials and National Security Chiefs.

Despite their apparent victory, Defense Officials were circumspect about the changes, saying they might only receive extra funding for this year and that they expected cuts to be imposed later.

“The defense budget has been sharply and routinely decreased over the years,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a statement, noting that in 1986 the defense budget was 17% of GDP.

The 2011 defense budget was about 6% of GDP.

“Cuts will bring the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to a red line in everything to do, with capabilities, training and readiness to face the challenges before us,” he said.


Source: Al Arabiya; Agencies



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