METRAVIB to Equip French Army’s Future Armored Vehicles

16.09.2015 Europe
METRAVIB to Equip French Army’s Future Armored Vehicles

METRAVIB to Equip French Army’s Future Armored Vehicles

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METRAVIB has signed a contract to equip the French Army’s forthcoming Jaguar and Griffon vehicles as part of the Scorpion program.

The Scorpion program, enshrined in the French 2014-2019 Defense Planning Act, is run by the defense procurement agency (DGA). It includes in particular the delivery of two new armored vehicles, Griffon (photo) and Jaguar, to be delivered to the French Army starting in 2018. These vehicles will be at the center of the future Scorpion force, common to all branches of the French armed forces.

METRAVIB, a world leader in acoustic gunshot detection, has been selected by Renault Trucks Defense, a member of the EBMR (*) joint venture, to develop the system to be fitted to these vehicles. This new contract is a renewed sign of the confidence placed in METRAVIB by DGA and Renault Trucks Defense.

Acoustic gunshot detection is a function that armed forces have come to recognize, and is now an essential component in the protection of combat personnel and the discerning use of weapons.

 “The SLATE (**) system has shown its worth in operational situations, proving to be an essential threat sensor that should be fitted on all modern armored vehicles. This battle proven detector is very easy to couple with a Remote Weapon Station, enabling quick slew-to-cue. The information provided by the SLATE system can be automatically transmitted to other units by the armored vehicle’s information system. It is for these reasons that the SLATE system has won the admiration and confidence of French armored vehicle crews in theaters of operation.” said General Charles Beaudouin, Director of STAT (French Army technical division).

METRAVIB is an ACOEM brand and offers high-performance threat surveillance, detection and localization solutions for the defense and civil protection sectors.

ACOEM offers comprehensive services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions in the fields of monitoring, maintenance and engineering.


(*) EBMR is a short-term joint venture comprising Nexter Systems, Renault Trucks Defense and Thales. In 2014, DGA awarded this venture a contract to develop, manufacture and support the forthcoming Griffon and Jaguar multi-role armored vehicles.

(**) SLATE stands for Système de Localisation Acoustique de Tireur Embusqué, i.e. acoustic sniper localization system.


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