Defendec Wins Sales in Cooperation with US Government

28.03.2016 North America
Defendec Wins Sales in Cooperation with US Government

Defendec Wins Sales in Cooperation with US Government

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Defendec, an Estonian defense company specializing in the development of world-class remote surveillance technology is working with the United States government to provide its Smartdec situational awareness system to a number of third party countries.

Cooperation between the Estonian defense industry and the US Department of Defense has recently resulted in international sales to Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and Colombia.

Smartdec is a cost-effective and energy-efficient perimeter intrusion detection system that is valued by border guards around the world. It can be used temporarily to protect or monitor tactically sensitive areas, or be positioned permanently to monitor remote areas.

Smartdec is a small, wireless and autonomous camera-based system of detectors. Linked to motion sensors, they provide almost instantaneous alerts of human or vehicle movements.

Estonia and the United States are currently engaged in successful cooperation regarding the monitoring of national borders of different countries.

Defendec has been invited to join the Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Taavi Rõivas, during his visit to the United States this week. As part of the Prime Minister’s delegation, Defendec, which also received the Estonian defense industry enterprise of the year award, will be presenting its autonomous and fully automated land border monitoring system Smartdec.

Jaanus Tamm, CEO of Defendec said: “Smartdec is a cohesive border monitoring system which provides significantly improved situational awareness for borders and other sensitive areas. The concept we have designed is centered around battery-powered radio sensors that can be linked to drones, unmanned vehicles, camera towers and radars.”

Smart solutions created in Estonia are currently being used to guard the external border of some European Union and NATO countries. So far Defendec has sup-plied fully automated and autonomous border guarding systems to nearly 20 countries including Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro, Tajikistan.

Last week, Estonian defense industry companies toured the United States with the aim of intensifying cooperation with the US defense industry. The Estonian defense industry delegation’s program partially overlaps with that of Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Taavi Rõivas, who was on an official visit to the United States.

Estonia is globally acknowledged as a country of innovative and smart solutions. Estonian companies operating in the defense sector are known and valued in the world, first and foremost, because of their smart technologies and cyber and data defense, but also border defense and modern military technology. Smart technologies developed and produced in Estonia, such as drones, sensors and un-manned vehicles – either independently or as integrated systems – are and will be a strategic advantage both in combat and border defense.

Defendec is global technology innovation leader developing automatic and autonomous border monitoring platforms and constantly challenging status quo in border protection and surveillance.

Defendec provides an autonomous situational awareness platform, Smartdec, which offers an integrated land border surveillance system on the market - 400 days of battery powered sensor coverage and encrypted radio based communications. Smartdec is based on proprietary radio sensor technology and consists of battery-powered sensors integrated with small cameras to provide real-time central monitoring of protected areas.

Defendec is both a U.S and Estonian company with offices in Washington, Tallinn and Singapore and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe.



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