Dubai Firm to Replace Kuwait's Agility

17.04.2010 UAE

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Dubai-based Anham, an investment holding and services company, said it has clinched a $2.2 billion US government contract to provide food and support services for its troops in Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan.

Anham is a leading contractor in the Mena, Central Asia and Europe region including Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, and Libya.

Headquartered in Dubai, Anham contracts with local companies to structure ventures in emerging markets and has backing from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and a Virginia company.

The announcement follows a decision announced this week by the US Defense Logistics Agency to replace Kuwait's Agility as the main supplier to the US military in the Gulf.

The decision followed a new indictment Monday accusing Agility of fraud in $8.5 billion worth of contracts first signed in 2003 to supply the US Army in the Gulf.

The DLA has suspended the firm, formerly Public Warehousing Company, from bidding on new contracts and Agility is in talks with the US Department of Justice to settle the case.


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