RADMOR Offers Modern Radio Communication Equipment to Armed Forces

01.08.2019 North America
RADMOR Offers Modern Radio Communication Equipment to Armed Forces

RADMOR Offers Modern Radio Communication Equipment to Armed Forces

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RADMOR S.A. www.radmor.com.pl is a supplier of the radio communication equipment for the Polish Army and armies of other countries. From 2011, Radmor is part of WB Group, the largest private capital group in the Polish defense industry, focused around WB Electronics.

WB Group offers the most modern, comprehensive solutions for armed forces from around the world in such areas as: communication, command, reconnaissance and automated fire control systems; unmanned systems of various classes; IT systems and cybersecurity; equipment and modernization of military equipment.

Radmor’s military offer includes software defined radios, personal radios, handhelds radios, vehicle sets and F@stnet radios – manpack and vehicular. RADMOR is also an integrator of radio communication systems TETRA and DMR for non-military markets. RADMOR participates in some European research and development programs (e.g. ESSOR).

 Radmor offers SDR (Software Defined Radio) radios belong to the COMP@N family. These multi-band devices enable the cooperation of various types of troops and civil services in any crisis situation. On the common hardware platform you can implement waveforms that allow for a smooth transition between classic systems and modern BMS combat systems. Waveform can be proposed by Radmor or designed according to the final user requirements. These are handheld radios that when connected with vehicle adapter and power amplifier can create mobile or stationary radio stations.

 The COMP@N platform is designed for both regular troops and the Territorial Defense Forces. In both cases, it will allow communication within own unit or cooperation between different types of troops.



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