Kenya Selects Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Monitoring Stations

05.08.2019 North America
Kenya Selects Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Monitoring Stations

Kenya Selects Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Monitoring Stations

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In June 2019, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) concluded the tender process of phase 2 of its spectrum management and monitoring system, placing an order with Rohde & Schwarz for the extension of the system the company already placed in service in February 2016.

Phase 2 comprises systems design, proposal, delivery, installation and training, as well as implementation and maintenance services for the following new stations: Three control centers in Nyeri, Kisumu and Eldoret to remotely control the already existing stations, one V/UHF fixed monitoring station in Nyeri, one direction-finding (DF) base in Kitale and three mobile monitoring stations. Delivery includes a fixed HF monitoring station and three new mobile monitoring and DF stations. Phase 2 will be implemented by mid-2020.

 The mobile monitoring stations will have pickup trucks as platform, providing them off-road capabilities. These will be acquired locally, while the system itself will be integrated into special truck-mounted shelters at the Rohde & Schwarz factory. After delivery, these smart system shelters will be mounted on off-road vehicles, guaranteeing system integration with high quality standards and common local platforms for easy maintenance. 

Moreover, they are agnostic to pick-up manufacturers, and are, just like the platform, inconspicuous, as their DF antenna is mounted directly on a concealable extendable mast. Retracted, the mast with the DF antenna remains hidden, so that the vehicle does not appear as a mobile monitoring station. The elevated antenna results in higher system sensitivity, making it possible to precisely take bearings even on weak signals and expand the detection range.

In order to offer a standardized user interface, Rohde & Schwarz will update the existing system. The new control centers and monitoring stations will be able to interact with CA’s already existing spectrum monitoring network, and the authority is then able to run both, old and new systems, seamlessly.

 “We are proud that the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) again put its trust in Rohde & Schwarz by commissioning Phase 2,” states Martin Atanassov, Director of Marketing, Rohde & Schwarz Monitoring and Network Testing Division.

 “R&S ARGUS has been consistently and systematically expanded and improved to ensure excellent solutions for ever-changing challenges. Thanks to a wide range of specialized equipment, the open interfaces and unrivaled monitoring capabilities, R&S ARGUS is well-suited for applications far beyond the scope of ITU compliant monitoring. R&S ARGUS 6.1, the latest development step, focuses on complete workflows and operability to ensure that you get the job done – faster and better than ever,” he added.

 All associated services, including project management, encompass the scope of delivery, in order to again fulfill the customer's requirements and to ensure the success of this project. Part of the contract is a seven-year maintenance agreement with Rohde & Schwarz that includes maintenance, remote support and yearly inspections of all stations.

 The Rohde & Schwarz technology group develops, produces and markets innovative communications, information and security products for professional users. The group's test and measurement, broadcast and media, aerospace | defense | security, networks and cybersecurity business fields address many different industry and government-sector market segments.

 On June 30, 2018, Rohde & Schwarz had approximately 11,500 employees. The independent group achieved a net revenue of approximately EUR 2 billion in the 2017/2018 fiscal year (July to June). The company has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Internationally, it has subsidiaries in more than 70 countries, with regional hubs in Asia and America.

 R&S ® is a registered trademark of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG.



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