Russia’s New Sniper Rifle Passes Field Tests

File Photo: Sputnik Izvestia RIA Novosti Sputnik14.11.2016 Russia
Russia’s New Sniper Rifle Passes Field Tests

Russia’s New Sniper Rifle Passes Field Tests

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Russia’s all-new sniper rifle has successfully passed field tests and is ready to enter service, Dmitry Semizorov, Director of the Central Scientific-Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TSNIITOCHMAS), told the media, RIA Novosti reported.

“The rifle has already been tested and initial orders have been placed for their delivery to the Armed Forces,” Semizorov told reporters on the sidelines of a national shooting competition now underway outside Moscow.

The bolt-action rifle, aptly called Tochnost (Precision), can fire conventional and armor-piercing bullets. It is built around the T-5000 rifle with more than 200 upgrades.

One such rifle was presented to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during the competitions in Klimovsk timed for the November 4 National Unity Day.

Rogozin later wrote on Twitter that the Tochnost rifle was 100 percent Russian-made and that its conventional and armor-piercing ammunition was already being produced in Russia.

Earlier this month, Izvestia reported that Russian commandos will soon be toting a unique large-caliber sniper rifle powerful enough to take out unsheltered enemy manpower and lightly-armored vehicles up to 2 kilometers away.

Weighing just 10 kilos, the high-precision 12.7mm sniper rifle Kord-M, also known as ASVK and 6V7M-1, is light enough to be carried for many miles without breaking its owner’s back. It is reported to be capable of penetrating up to 15 mm of armor and cutting through concrete and brick walls. 



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