CENTCOM Hails “Eagle Resolve” Exercise in Kuwait

24.03.2015 Kuwait
CENTCOM Hails “Eagle Resolve” Exercise in Kuwait

CENTCOM Hails “Eagle Resolve” Exercise in Kuwait

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US Central Command (CENTCOM) applauded Eagle Resolve exercise held in Kuwait this month, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

Eagle resolve brought 5,500 troops in from 29 countries in which, "many opportunities presented themselves for increasing the ability of militaries to work together.

“Everybody brings something different to the fight, but it's only effective if you know how to use their skills and expertise,” said CENTCOM Director of Exercises and Training Rick Mattson in a statement.

Since 1999, Eagle Resolve has helped partner US and Gulf countries with militaries from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

This year, all regions were represented and were able to address their “collective security concerns in a low-risk environment,” the statement affirmed.

Led by the Kuwaiti Army, Eagle Resolve started in Kuwait on Sunday 08 March 2015. Kuwait’s Interior Ministry, National Guard, Information Ministry and Fire Service Directorate as well as other official bodies took part in the exercise.

Running on phases through March, Eagle Resolve 2015 is organized in cooperation with the US Central Command. It is an annual, multi-national, naval, land and air exercise designed to enhance regional cooperative defense efforts of the Gulf Cooperation Council and U.S. Central Command.

The exercise assists in building cooperative defense and regional capacity to address emerging and evolving threats. In past exercises, up to 35 nations from around the globe have participated, to include European and Far East partners, in addition to the United States’ Gulf partners. 



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