DCI Starts Training 15 Kuwaiti Military Pilots

16.10.2015 Kuwait
DCI Starts Training 15 Kuwaiti Military Pilots

DCI Starts Training 15 Kuwaiti Military Pilots

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Within the military pilot training program entrusted to DCI, 15 Kuwaiti trainees, would-be fighter or transport pilots according to their capabilities and Air Force needs, have started their training in Salon-de-Provence (France) earlier this month.

Already in France for a year, these pilot trainees have upgraded their English and science levels, after which they went through a process of acculturation and ground assessment which resulted in their orientation in fighter and transport branches.

Since 2006, DCI-AIRCO has organized, in partnership with the French Air Force, fighter crew trainings. Different steps of the training chosen by Kuwait take place in French Air Force air bases within the squadrons and schools of: Salon-de-Provence for ground theoretical instruction and initial flight training; Cognac for the fighter/transport common ground training on simulators and in flight for practice aircraft and fighter pre-specialization; Tours and Cazaux for fighter specialization trainings; Avord for transport specialization.

Kuwait Air Force continues trusting DCI as a new class of 26 cadets has arrived in France in the summer of 2015 to start the upgrade step.

“We are very honored and proud to welcome these young Kuwaiti trainees within the Academic and Aeronautical International Training Centre of Salon-de-Provence, created by DCI within the Air Academy area in synergy with this prestigious officer academy. Building on the practical training provided by the French Air Force, DCI implements a permanent support to enable young pilot trainees to overcome all the obstacles of this demanding training curriculum and to get their pilot wings. We hope this first flight of Kuwaiti brand new pilots will call many more,” explained Henri Rouby (photo), DCI-AIRCO Director.

Reference operator of the Ministry of Defense for the international transfer of the French military know-how to friendly countries Armed Forces, DCI group has been operating across the entire defense and security spectrum for more than 40 years. Holding the “French Armed Forces Training” label, DCI is offering tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.

DCI group has its headquarters in Paris with several sites all over the national territory. It also has permanent offices abroad, in particular in the Middle East with Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and in South East Asia with Malaysia and Singapore and more recently in India.

DCI is pursuing its international development with innovative services with high added value while developing new partnerships in Asia and Latin America. With a workforce of more than 900 employees, DCI group generated a turnover of 240 million euro in 2014.


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