Report: “Morocco to Fence its Borders with Algeria”

Echorouk03.01.2014 Morocco
Report: “Morocco to Fence its Borders with Algeria”

Report: “Morocco to Fence its Borders with Algeria”

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Morocco will fence its border with Algeria at a distance of 70 km, to implement the recommendations of military officials and Moroccan intelligence.

Moroccan authorities claimed that the construction of the fence will limit the activity of terrorist groups, and drug smuggling cells.

Moroccan electronic newspaper “Today 24”, said officials of Moroccan border cities with Algeria, opened last Thursday, the folds on the fence deal that the state intends to put along the borders with Algeria. 

The newspaper quoted that the deal was awarded to two known construction companies in the East and Morocco, as the first won the deal to put the fence at a distance of about 70 km, and the second will create a road adjacent to the fence that is used by the authorities and border guards to facilitate access to the borders.

The same sources revealed that a third deal was awarded to another company for the processing of a number of villages that are adjacent to the border using water and electricity, as part of a parallel program which will usher the construction of the fence to dispel what the same sources call as “concerns” in the borderline of tightening the noose on their activity and turning their neighborhoods into disaster areas because of the fence. 

They noted that the program “will not change their activity, on the contrary, it will play a security role in order to prevent the infiltration of terrorist groups and drug traffickers.”

Regarding the start of the works, the same sources confirmed that the issue was a matter of time that will not exceed a few days, and the works start at the borders, after the completion of some administrative procedures that are imposed by the law of public transactions. 

The sources added that the region has received, since a month, a number of security officials and military personnel to inspect the place where the authorities will assess the security fence in question.

Source: Echorouk; Today 24

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