Saab Wins New 84mm Carl-Gustaf Ammunition Order

27.04.2012 Australia
Saab Wins New 84mm Carl-Gustaf Ammunition Order

Saab Wins New 84mm Carl-Gustaf Ammunition Order

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The defense and security company Saab has received an order from Australia for ammunition to the Carl-Gustaf M3 weapon system.

The order is placed under a standing offer signed in early 2011 and amounts to SEK 199 million ($29.56 million).

It is the Australian Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) that has selected Saab to be the provider of various versions of 84 mm Carl-Gustaf ammunition.

“This shows the high level of trust Australia have for the Carl-Gustaf system. We are very proud of the confidence our customers place in the Carl-Gustaf system and satisfied to have been able to secure an additional order for the system,” says Tomas Samuelsson, Head of business area Dynamics.

The Australian Defense Force selected the Carl-Gustaf M3 weapon system after thorough evaluation as their future multi-purpose weapon system. Deliveries will take place during 2013.

The Carl-Gustaf weapon until now has been exported to more than 40 nations worldwide. The system has successively been modernized and adapted to meet new requirements. With the Carl-Gustaf M3 version Saab offer state-of-the-art capability for demanding customers investing in the future.

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