CILAS Delivers Two SLD 500 Counter Snipers

06.07.2009 North America

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CILAS is delivering two SLD 500 counter snipers systems to the US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC). The order was placed last December after several trials campaigns in various weather and distance conditions.

Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) intends to test in depth the capabilities of this system before using it to protect the US Forces engaged in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CILAS SLD 500 is able to detect sights, goggles or optics, and indicates the GPS position and the distance of the threat. Real time information is given before shot occurrence allowing a rapid and adapted response.

This system can be coupled to external sensors such as acoustic detectors, thermal camera, movement sensors and others depending of the needs.

The first generation of the system has been combat proven since 1996.


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