Iran Boosts Defense Research Budget by 256%

FNA17.12.2020 North America
Iran Boosts Defense Research Budget by 256%

Iran Boosts Defense Research Budget by 256%

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Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami (photo) underlined his country’s growing missile power, saying that the government has boosted the budget of defense research and innovation by 256%.

“Although our missile issues have turned into a thorn in the eyes of enemies, we have every day strengthened our missile power,” General Hatami said Tuesday, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

“The Islamic Republic government has in a correct and qualifying move increased the budget of the Defense Research and Innovation Organization by 256%,” he added.

In relevant remarks on Sunday, General Hatami said that the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has agreed to boost the country’s defense power.

“The Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has always strongly supported the Armed Forces in defense fields,” General Hatami said after a meeting with the Iranian MPs in Tehran.

He added that during the meeting, “clear proposals about strengthening the country’s defense power were presented to the legislators and then they were put on vote and were approved with a consensus”.

General Hatami said that the proposals were then sent to the Budget Commission.

Earlier this month, a senior lawmaker said that the Parliament would pay special attention to next year’s military and defense budget to reinvigorate the country’s strength.

“Trans-regional threats force us to attain a deterrent power and surely, this power requires forces, equipment, and budget,” said Vahid Jalalzadeh, a member of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not even thought about waging aggression against other countries in the past 42 years, he said, adding that Iran’s defense power is aimed at maintaining peace and security in the region.

“Accordingly, the Parliament will pay special attention to the military and defense budget of the country while studying next year’s budget bill because no problem should arise in this sector,” he said.

“The Parliament seeks to expand our country’s military and defense strength,” he stressed.

The country’s defense technologies and prowess, he added, is unique in the region but this sector’s budget does not have a good condition compared to the defense budget of other regional countries.



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