Russia Strengthens Defense Ties with Serbia

Al Defaiya Photo © HPW/ KBP: Serbia may become one of the first customers of the upgraded Pantsir-S1M SPAAG Yury Laskin14.10.2021 Russia
Russia Strengthens Defense Ties with Serbia

Russia Strengthens Defense Ties with Serbia

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Russia is taking part in the Partner-2021 International Defense Exhibition which currently held at the Belgrade Fair grounds on 11-14 October 2021. The Russian National pavilion is organized by Rosoboronexport, state arms trade mediator and Rostec Corporation subsidiary.

Serbia remains one of the few European partners of Russia in military affairs being a steady recipient of the Russian defense products, including MiG-29M combat aircraft, Mi-8/17 family helicopters and Pantsir-S1 SPAAG.

The Russian exposition is presenting a variety of weapons from the Viking surface-to-air missile (SAM) system- Buk-M2E further derivative, to the Orion-E reconnaissance/strike and Orlan-10E unmanned aerial vehicles as well as a number of armored vehicles, including the latest Armata family. The Burevestnik-made 30mm 32V01 remotely controlled weapon station and the 57mm AU-220M automatic weapon station have been already installed on the Serbian armored vehicles.

The non-lethal systems on display include a line of thermal imaging sights from Argus-NV and Dedal-NV as well as video and thermal imaging surveillance systems from Stilsoft Group and Polyus-ST.

Rosoboronexport sent a high-level delegation headed by the Company CEO Alexander Mikheev, who expressed his confidence in the Partner-2021 importance for bilateral military-technical cooperation which has been grown significantly within the last 15 years.

“Today, the volume and range of issues pertaining to our cooperation stand out markedly in the European market and have a steady growth trend. We work on topics relevant to all services and branches of armed forces within the framework of direct product deliveries, industrial partnerships, cooperation, including in the interests of third countries, as well as the import of Serbian products to Russia,” added Mr. Mikheev.

By coincidence or not, the Russian Serbian flight tactical exercises started almost 10 aircraft and gunships being involved, including MiG-29, Mi-8 and Mi-35. The drills being titled Bars-2021 (“Snow Leopard”) will kicked off Monday at the Serbian airports of Batajnica and Ladevci. The machines are piloted by both nations crews to train combat and emergency missions in pairs.

It has been also reported that the upcoming Slavonic Shield exercises are to employ HPW/KBP Pantsir-S1 SPAAG of the Serbian air-defense forces.  


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