DCI, French Military Fuel Service Sign International Cooperation Agreement

29.01.2016 Joint Ventures
DCI, French Military Fuel Service Sign International Cooperation Agreement

DCI, French Military Fuel Service Sign International Cooperation Agreement

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Défense Conseil International (DCI) and the French Military Fuel Service (SEA) are announcing the signature of a framework agreement aimed at facilitating the transfer of know-how in the SEA areas of expertise to France friendly countries.

For more than 75 years, SEA has been supplying armed forces with oil products, be it in mainland, overseas or in foreign operation theatres. It designs, deploys, implements and maintains on different theatres the means needed for supplying and maintaining oil equipment.

This unique SEA know-how, acquired over many years, combined with DCI expertise in the field of French military know-how transfer abroad, is the rationale of this agreement meeting a need expressed by friendly countries.

Cooperation between DCI and SEA is focused mainly on 3 areas:

  • Foreign institutional customers training in oil products professions
  • Consulting and specialized expertise in the fields related to oil products
  • Research & Development activities in the fields related to oil products

Within the framework of the agreement and to guarantee cooperation actions efficiency, DCI and SEA could temporarily exchange personnel when needed for the proper running of a project.

“I am proud to develop an exhaustive and flexible offer in the field of oil supply with the French Military Fuel Service (SEA) central director. Friendly countries often ask us to transfer the know-how of the French Military Fuel Service which holds an almost unique capability in Europe. This service has proved highly effective in recent military operations,” Jean-Michel Palagos, DCI Chairman & Chief-Executive Officer declared.

“Building on 75 years of experience in oil logistics, the French Military Fuel Service is the sole oil operator of the French Ministry of Defense, in mainland and in foreign operations. On the national territory, it has progressively developed its interministerial footprint and on the international level, allied armed forces and international organisms regularly seek its skills. Today's partnership with DCI marks a new step for the service towards a greater openness which could benefit its industrial partners,” General Engineer Jean-Luc Volpi, SEA Central Director, said.

Reference operator of the French Ministry of Defense for the international transfer of the French military know-how to the Armed Forces of friendly countries, DCI Group has been operating across the entire defense and security spectrum for more than 40 years. Holding the “French Armed Forces Training” label, DCI offers tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.

DCI Group has its headquarters in Paris with several sites all over the national territory. It also has permanent offices abroad, in particular in the Middle East with Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and in South East Asia with Malaysia and Singapore and more recently in India.

SEA is responsible for supplying, storing, transporting and distributing oil products and equipment for French, potentially multinational or allied Armed Forces in France and in foreign operations (from resource search to its distribution). It also contributes to the design of Armed Forces’ oil logistics and performs functions of expertise and technical control for the whole Ministry with regards to oil products, equipment and infrastructures.

In this context, the oil support it offers deals with fuels, ingredients and miscellaneous products in mainland or for the benefit of engaged forces but also armed forces oil equipment and SEA oil infrastructure. It relies on oil expertise in the fields of logistics, product quality, equipment and infrastructures.



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