Textron Unveils Fury Lightweight Precision Guided Weapon

18.07.2014 Products
Textron Unveils Fury Lightweight Precision Guided Weapon

Textron Unveils Fury Lightweight Precision Guided Weapon

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Textron Systems’ Weapon & Sensor Systems, a Textron Inc. business, introduced its new FuryTM precision guided weapon. Fury is a small, lightweight, precision guided glide weapon, engineered to address a wide range of target sets from a variety of aircraft platforms. The new weapon is being displayed for the first time this week on a Beechcraft® AT-6 aircraft in the display area outside the Textron Chalet (OE L2) during the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show.

Developed by Textron Systems’ Weapon & Sensor Systems and its partner Thales UK, Fury applies elements of mature weapon systems from both companies to shorten the development cycle and time to the United States market. Fury is 27-inches long, three inches in diameter, weighs 12.7 lbs. and uses a common interface for rapid integration on multiple manned and unmanned aircraft systems. The lightweight weapon and rack design creates very little drag on an aircraft, causing minimal impact on aircraft performance and endurance.

The system has been integrated onto an aircraft platform, with test events proving accuracy within 0.2m of the target. Additional testing to further prove out weapon maturity is continuing this summer.

“Fury provides users a cost-effective precision-strike capability that maximizes aircraft efficiency while maintaining platform effectiveness. The new weapon applies mature technologies and provides customers an affordable capability with a low-risk, rapid integration schedule.” explained Ian Walsh, Textron Systems’ Weapon & Sensor Systems Senior Vice President and general manager

The weapon is equipped with a proven warhead and tri-mode fuzing – impact, height of burst and delay – which further enables a single Fury to address a broad target set, ranging from static and moving light armored vehicles to small boats and personnel.

Fury is guided by a GPS-aided inertial navigation unit system with a Semi-Active Laser Seeker terminal guidance capability. This enables the weapon to engage both stationary and moving targets within 1m accuracy, or fly to specific target coordinates.


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