HALO Maritime Defense Systems Opens Regional Office in Bahrain

17.12.2019 Bahrain
HALO Maritime Defense Systems Opens Regional Office in Bahrain

HALO Maritime Defense Systems Opens Regional Office in Bahrain

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HALO Maritime Defense Systems, Inc. (HALO), a marine engineering technology company and provider of advanced engineered solutions for the security needs of strategic maritime assets, announced its choice of Bahrain for its Middle East headquarters for investment in business development and building local relationships. 

The HALO Maritime office in Bahrain is located in the Al Jasrah Tower, in the Diplomatic Quarter. Global maritime security risks are persistent, and pervasive, and HALO Maritime has an opportunity to rapidly expand its Middle East business portfolio by taking advantage of the superior business climate in Bahrain. Luke Ritter, HALO Vice President of Business Development, and a seasoned maritime security professional, will lead from the Bahrain office.

HALO is taking advantage of several benefits available to firms based in business-friendly Bahrain. Lower operating costs than other regional neighbors, a local workforce with an array of valuable skills, and its position as a natural gateway to the entire region, all make Bahrain an attractive headquarters location.

Former Bahrain Ambassador to USA, Houda Nonoo, added that, “HALO Maritime is precisely the kind of company that we enjoy welcoming here in Bahrain. This firm is well managed, working on strategic initiatives that support national security, and is very active in the local business community. We are delighted to have them here in Bahrain.”

Waterside security barrier technology has never been more important for defense, security, and law enforcement applications in the maritime domain. Critical infrastructure operators are faced with complex security challenges related to waterborne threats.

“There are facilities throughout the Middle East such as Petroleum Refineries and Bulk Plants, Electric Power Plants, and Naval Bases, that have security perimeters on the water. Investments are being made to secure these facilities, and we are well positioned to support these initiatives,” said Brendan Gray, President of HALO Maritime.

HALO Maritime Defense Systems, Inc. (HALO) offers unique maritime sea barrier solutions to secure critical assets vulnerable to water-based attacks. In a security-conscious world, both government assets (Naval bases, ships and facilities) and commercial and private assets (ports, terminals, nuclear power plants, and oil & gas rigs) have a real, immediate, and critical need for high levels of protection. 

HALO’s Next Generation patented maritime security products offer unique solutions to difficult marine security scenarios. HALO has the only maritime barrier to have been independently tested to meet U.S. Navy requirements. Installed systems demonstrate increased protection against threats, in a smaller footprint with lower competitive lifecycle costs.





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