Egyptian, Pakistani Forces Conclude Joint Raad - 1 Training Activities

13.03.2024 Egypt
Egyptian, Pakistani Forces Conclude Joint Raad - 1 Training Activities

Egyptian, Pakistani Forces Conclude Joint Raad - 1 Training Activities

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The activities of the joint Egyptian-Pakistani training (Raad - 1) were concluded. The joint military exercises kicked off on Monday 26 February with the participation of military personnel from the Egyptian Parachute and Thunderbolt Forces and the Pakistani Special Forces.

The exercise’s activities continued over several days in the combat training fields led by the Paratroopers Forces in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The final phase included the implementation of a practical statement to storm a border village and clear it of armed terrorist elements through the implementation of free-jumping and air strikes for members of the Special Forces from both sides. It demonstrated the extent of their field skills and high combat capabilities that enable them to carry out tasks of an atypical nature under various conditions.

At the end of the phase, Staff Major General Mohamed Mahmoud Awad, Commander of the Egyptian Paratroopers Forces, delivered a speech in which he conveyed the greetings and appreciation of the General Command of the Armed Forces to the elements participating in the training.

He indicated the importance of training in transferring and exchanging experiences between the two sides and learning about everything new in the combat training system for the Special Forces. He further praised the participating elements’ readiness and ability to carry out joint works with all efficiency and ability.

The final phase of the training was attended by a number of Commanders of Egyptian and Pakistani Armed Forces and the Pakistani Military Attaché in Cairo (Source & Photo © Egyptian Ministry of Defense)




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