Iraq Unveils T-55 Al-Kafil-1 Main Battle Tank

Photo © Caesar @Ninja998998’s Twitter account16.07.2020 Iraq
Iraq Unveils T-55 Al-Kafil-1 Main Battle Tank

Iraq Unveils T-55 Al-Kafil-1 Main Battle Tank

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Caesar @Ninja998998’s Twitter account shows a piece of information based on @AndreiBtvt’s Twitter account revealing the existence of a new Main Battle Tank (MBT) manufactured in Iraq and designated T-55 Al-Kafil-1.

The new Iraqi tank is based on a T-55 MBT, or, more exactly, on a Chinese Type 59, but largely upgraded. The turret seems to be completely new, namely smaller: its original shape has been completely modified and shows both additional and reactive armor, anti-RPG chain protection hanging from the rear side, a remotely controlled weapon station armed with a heavy machine gun, and grenade launchers.

The hull has also been modified with reactive armor, a new rear shape (additional armor plates or modified original armor?) and new mudguards.

More modifications are likely, mostly in the turret and driver’s compartment. The original engine and transmission remain probably untouched. As no official technical details are available, one can’t take the risk of making groundless assumptions.

The fact that the designation ends with “-1” indicates there will be further modifications.



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