Navistar Defense to Provide MilCOTS Vehicles to Iraq

23.03.2022 Iraq
Navistar Defense to Provide MilCOTS Vehicles to Iraq

Navistar Defense to Provide MilCOTS Vehicles to Iraq

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The Army Contracting Command - Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) awarded Navistar Defense, LLC (Navistar Defense) a Five-Year Requirements Contract in support of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) for the Government of Iraq (GOI).

“Navistar Defense is pleased to provide commercial-off-the-shelf solutions to our military and federal government agencies to fulfill their heavy equipment requirements,” said Ted Wright, Navistar Defense Chief Executive Officer.

“This award reaffirms our commitment to support our government’s key regional ally with the wide-range of their wheeled-vehicle needs, encompassing COTS, MilCOTS, and tactical vehicles, as well as the logistical support to keep them operational,” he added.

Under the terms of the contract, Navistar Defense will offer the following Militarized Commercial-off-the-Shelf (MilCOTS) truck variants:

  • 4x4 General Transport Truck (GTT)
  • 6x6 GTT
  • 6x6 GTT with Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
  • 30 Ton Wrecker (Vehicle Recovery Truck)
  • Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV) Spare Parts

Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, USA, Navistar Defense is a leading tactical wheeled vehicle original equipment manufacturer serving military, law enforcement, and government agencies worldwide.

Navistar Defense provides a complete portfolio of both tactical and commercial off-the-shelf military vehicles, as well as custom-tailored lifecycle support solutions to a global customer base.




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