Jordanian King Attends Military Drill

Petra31.10.2018 Jordan
Jordanian King Attends Military Drill

Jordanian King Attends Military Drill

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His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces on Monday, attended a tactical military exercise, which was carried out by the Prince Hassan bin Talal armored Brigade, one of the formations of the Central Military Zone with the participation of fighter jets, attack helicopters and various military equipment.

Upon arrival, the King was received by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lt. General Mahmoud Abdul Halim Freihat and Commander of the Central Military Zone Brigadier Adnan Al Raqqad, Petra News Agency reported.


His Majesty was briefed by the Commander of the Central Military Zone on the newly introduced Automated Command and Control Tactical System (C2) that enables commanders to benefit from all available information to carry out military operations and perform various duties at times of war and peace.

The Commander also presented a briefing on the drill, possible scenarios, measures taken to implement it, and the importance of such exercises and their impact on the level of training and combat readiness of the armed forces.

The exercise included field reconnaissance with the use of F-16 fighter jets, Cobra helicopters, field applications, and the use of live ammunition from various types of major and supporting weapons, tanks, medium artillery, mortars, Javelin missiles and anti-tank weapons. 

The Supreme Commander, took part a long with members of the brigade, in the drill which also included a counter attack on the enemy, expressing his pride in their efforts, morale and combat readiness.

The drill reflected the advanced level of the participants, especially its personnel’s accuracy in hitting targets and their skills in implementing the drill. 


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