Saudi King: “True Islam is not Terrorism”

Agence France Presse (AFP)27.07.2011 KSA
Saudi King: “True Islam is not Terrorism”

Saudi King: “True Islam is not Terrorism”

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has urged Islamic scholars to teach young people “true” Islamic principles and avoid extremism and fanaticism.

The King’s remarks were read out by Prince Khaled al Faisal at an International Islamic Conference organized by the Muslim World League in Makkah earlier this week.

The King said that scholars should resolve problems facing the international Muslim community, such as the widespread association of Islam to terrorism.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia keeps a tab on the developments in the Muslim World, and pays special attention to the problems confronting the people,” the King said.

“Undoubtedly, terrorism was a product of ignorance of the Islamic principles which advocate moderation, flexibility and tolerance,” King Abdullah said.

The King added that deviations from Islamic principles have produced terrorism, which the Kingdom has “firmly confronted” to maintain the country’s security.

A communiqué at the end of the Conference said security and stability of Muslim communities will be a priority to confirm the inviolability of people’s lives, dignity and property according to Islamic Shariah that safeguards the achievement of security via the establishment of justice as well as combat of injustice and corruption.

The Conference, the communiqué said, has reviewed the complications of problems in certain Muslim countries, which led to “bloodshed, exodus of population, insecurity, and destruction of property,” and stressed on the importance of cooperation and unity among all sections of society to stop needless bloodshed.

Furthermore, the Conference called upon the Muslim countries, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), international institutions to take every possible step to prevent these acts of seditions, which entailed killings, tortures and forced migration.

The Conference also praised King Abdullah’s initiative on dialogue between monotheistic religions. “It (the initiative) has a positive impact on understanding, cooperation and peaceful coexistence among different nations”, it said.


Source: Al Arabiya; Saudi Gazette; AFP



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