Saudi Armed Forces, US Marine Corps Start ‘Native Fury 24’ Exercise

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)07.05.2024 KSA
Saudi Armed Forces, US Marine Corps Start ‘Native Fury 24’ Exercise

Saudi Armed Forces, US Marine Corps Start ‘Native Fury 24’ Exercise

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The Saudi Armed Forces and the US Marine Corps inaugurated Sunday Exercise NATIVE FURY 24 (NF 24) at the commercial port of Yanbu on the Red Sea coast.

Present at the launch were Commander of the Western Region Major General Pilot Ahmed bin Ali Al-Dubais accompanied by several senior officers from the Saudi Armed Forces, as well as Director of the US Central Command in the Kingdom Brigadier General Richard J. Quirk and various senior officials from the US Army.

Commander of the “NF 24” exercise Brigadier General Oqab bin Awad Al-Mutairi outlined that the training would unfold across multiple stages, involving various government agencies., the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The primary objectives include bolstering coordination and partnership, exchanging experiences between the two sides, and elevating training standards utilizing military bases and road networks within the Kingdom.

Additionally, the exercise aims to prepare participants to collaborate with both civil and military government agencies in executing such drills.

The exercise encompasses numerous hypothetical scenarios, drills on transport and supply operations, and live ammunition shooting. It commences from Yanbu Governorate and traverses several regions before culminating at the Prince Sultan Air Base in Al Kharj. The US forces will conclude their segment of the exercise in the United Arab Emirates.

Meantime, the mixed naval exercise “Red Wave-7” kicked off Saturday at King Faisal Naval Base in the Western Fleet, with the participation of countries bordering the Red Sea, including Jordan, Egypt, Djibouti, and Yemen, in addition to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, the Royal Saudi Land Forces, the Royal Saudi Air Force, and units of the Saudi Border Guard.

The drill will last for several days. “Red Wave” exercises were first launched in 2018, and are held annually.

Commander of the Western Fleet Rear Admiral Mansour bin Saud Al-Juaid said that the drill “Red Wave-7” aims to enhance the maritime security of the countries bordering the Red Sea and protect the territorial waters.

He further explained that the drill implements the assumptions planned in three conferences in which officers from all the relevant countries participated, resulting in the formation of forces and a set of exercises that constitute an important training aspect for all participating countries.

Al-Juaid pointed out that the participating forces will implement over a period of five days all modern military concepts, including strategic lectures and exercises that simulate different combat environments resembling reality. The drill will achieve joint and mixed work, such as surface and air warfare, electronic warfare, and countering an attack by speedboats.

The forces will also implement maritime security exercises such as protecting shipping lines, combating smuggling, terrorism, piracy, and illegal immigration. He noted that all combat elements will be used through His Majesty's Ships, helicopters, fast response boats, navy infantry, and maritime special security forces, as well as various types of combat aircraft, he concluded.

The General Directorate of Border Guard at the Ministry of Interior is also participating in the “Red Wave-7” mixed naval exercise. 



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