First VL Mica Integrated with Tacticos Combat System

28.03.2012 Qatar
First VL Mica Integrated with Tacticos Combat System

First VL Mica Integrated with Tacticos Combat System

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Thales announced that the first operational naval VL Mica missile worldwide has been successfully integrated with the Tacticos Combat Management System.

This system is now operational on the Royal Moroccan Navy’s Tarek Ben Ziad that is currently visiting DIMDEX 2012 (Qatar; 26-28 March).

The VL Mica missile system is a short range fire-and-forget system that relies on data from the SMART-S Mk2 surveillance radar to be launched in the direction of the threat. The missile’s integrated sensor subsequently directs the missile to the threat. Integrating this missile with Tacticos once again proves Thales’ world-wide leading position in the field of naval system integration.

Other Thales systems on the RMNS Tarek Ben Ziad include: SMART-S Mk2 3D medium to long range surveillance radar, LIROD Mk2 tracking radar, KINGKLIP sonar system, IFF system, Integrated communication system comprising external communication system and FOCON internal communication system, two Target Designation Sights, VIGILE ESM system, SCORPION ECM system, and the integrated navigation system.

Tacticos is a mature naval Combat Management System; it is the most widely used naval CMS world-wide. Since its first release in the 1990s, Tacticos has been successfully deployed in ever more advanced releases. Its latest technology step involves a new human machine interface, new hardware (including operator consoles) and the launch of a mission-matching capability range that brings Tacticos within reach of operators in the maritime safety and security market. Tasks have diversified, Tacticos responds with tailored solutions.

This ensures operators will make better informed decisions. Tacticos enables:

  • Comprehensive situational understanding
  • Optimised operator capabilities
  • Increasing mission success
  • Maximised system availability
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Fit for future extensions
  • Rapid delivery
  • Empowering local industry

Tacticos technology is used on board more than 160 ships (from minor patrol craft to full-size frigates and destroyers) operated by 19 navies. Those include the U.S. Navy as well as navies in Asia, Europe, the Gulf Region, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.


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