Joint Bahraini-Egyptian Drill Continues in Manama

BNA Photo: BNA28.01.2019 Bahrain
Joint Bahraini-Egyptian Drill Continues in Manama

Joint Bahraini-Egyptian Drill Continues in Manama

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Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa visited the Royal Bahrain Navy Force where he witnessed one of the stages of Hamad 3 Joint Military Exercise implemented by Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) and the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Upon his arrival, the Commander-in-Chief was received by Chief-of-Staff Lt-General Dhiab bin Saqr Al Nuaimi, Egyptian Naval Detachment Commander Major-General Yasser Ezzat Al-Asi, Commander of Royal Bahrain Navy Force Commodore Mohammed Yousef Al-Asam, senior BDF officers and participating Egyptian Officers.

The BDF Commander-in-Chief’s Salute was performed before he inspected the participating forces and vessels where he was also briefed about the objectives and stages of the joint military exercise, according to Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa praised the high standards applied in the course of Hamad 3 Joint Military Exercise which will achieve maximum benefit by opening various horizons to avail from the expertise of our brethren regarding war and combat techniques to enrich experiences and hone and develop them to learn the latest developments and modernization in this field to build a strong forces capable of highly-efficient performance of assigned duties.

The BDF top commander cited the significance of this joint drill and its effective role in boosting combat proficiency and operational and tactical capabilities via the exchange of expertise and field skills between the participating forces in the various aspects of combat operations and raise combat readiness to tackle any threats in battlefields.

The BDF Commander-in-Chief expressed his pride in what he felt in terms of the cooperation spirit and joint work between the BDF and Egypt Armed Forces demonstrated throughout the various stages of the naval and air forces exercise aimed to boost the cooperation and coordination and to gain more field expertise to tackle the various challenges.

The Field Marshal explained that the size and level of the participating forces will have a tremendous pivotal role in honing and development of combined military work requirements as well as its importance in boosting the military efficiency and advancement of combat readiness in addition to boosting the means of exchanging military expertise with the brotherly forces.

The Commander-in-Chief affirmed that the Bahrain Defense Force is always keen to boost the standard of command and combat as well as training of its affiliates on the basis of latest advanced military techniques and foundations, adding that the BDF attaches special importance to the joint exercise with the brotherly forces.

The Commander-in-Chief was accompanied by Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Logistics and Catering Major-General Yousef Ahmed MalAllah, Major-General Ghanim Ibrahim Al-Fodhala, Assistant Chief-of-Staff Operations, and Major-General Salah Rashid Al Saad the Director of Military Training. 



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