Saudi, Bahraini Naval Forces Start ‘Bridge 23’ Naval Exercise

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)25.12.2022 Bahrain
Saudi, Bahraini Naval Forces Start ‘Bridge 23’ Naval Exercise

Saudi, Bahraini Naval Forces Start ‘Bridge 23’ Naval Exercise

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Saudi Arabian and Bahraini naval forces began a bilateral maritime exercise in Bahrain, the Saudi Defense Ministry announced on Sunday.

The “Bridge 23” drill includes forces from the Royal Saudi Navy, represented by the Eastern Fleet, and the Royal Bahraini Navy. It was launched in the presence of Royal Bahraini Navy Cmdr. Rear Admiral Mohammed Al-Assam and the Military Attaché at the Saudi Embassy to Bahrain Brigadier General Fahad Al-Thunayan, as well as a number of Senior Officers taking part in the exercise, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Marine Colonel Ahmed bin Abdulrahman Al-Osaimi, Director of the exercise, said the “Bridge 23” exercise aims to raise the level of combat readiness of the participating units, standardize tactical concepts and implement joint operations, in addition to applying procedures for managing naval battles, command and control, and raising the efficiency of applying all forms of communication procedures.

He added that the exercise is an extension of the “Bridge” series of exercises that are carried out periodically between the two countries, to enhance security cooperation and coordination, secure regional waters, and unify concepts and joint action. 



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