Egyptian-Kuwaiti Joint Drills Conduct Naval Exercises

08.02.2019 Kuwait
Egyptian-Kuwaiti Joint Drills Conduct Naval Exercises

Egyptian-Kuwaiti Joint Drills Conduct Naval Exercises

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Units from the Egyptian and Kuwaiti armed forces continue their training by conducting naval exercises as part of Al-Sabah-1/Al-Yarmuk-4 joint drills, a statement by the Egyptian military spokesperson Tamer El-Refai said.

The drills which are taking place in Kuwaiti territorial waters and air bases, between the two countries, began on January 29 and will last until 9 February.

The exercises include safeguarding naval vessels carrying important cargo, conducting vessel searches, rescue operations, daytime and night-time sailing, and refueling at sea.

Units of Egyptian navy forces, Egyptian air forces, and Egyptian Special Forces, arrived in Kuwait to participate the joint military drills between Egypt and Kuwait last week, the Egyptian armed forces announced.

According to the statement issued by the Egyptian army, the “Sabah-1” naval drill includes theoretical and practical lectures on coordinating operations while the “Yarmouk-4” drill includes a number of exercises in defense and attack.

“Sabah-1” is considered the first naval exercise between Egypt and Kuwait. The “Yamouk-4” drills are the fourth time the two countries have exchanged expertise on military challenges in the Middle East region. 



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